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Nguyen Won’t Run for Supervisor Seat

Friday, April 5, 201312:00 AM(View: 21712)
Posted by The Fly on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Comments (4)

Madison Nguyen, San Jose’s vice mayor, will focus on running in the city’s 2014 mayoral election rather than joining the race for a vacant county supervisor seat.


Madison Nguyen has ended her soul-search over a run for George Shirakawa Jr.‘s vacant county supervisor seat, deciding she’ll focus on the 2014 mayoral race in San Jose—despite some of her colleagues prodding her to get into the special election. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed told KLIV radio host George Sampson earlier this week that he would endorse Nguyen, his vice mayor, if she gave it a shot. Instead, Reed and the Chamber of Commerce will likely now endorse Teresa Alvarado—daughter of Blanca Alvarado, who held the District 2 supe seat before Shirakawa soiled it. Reed and San Jose Councilman Pete Constant both met with Nguyen to prod her along, and she probably would have had the endorsement of a few other members of the council. Nguyen’s subtraction from the race now leaves a field that will likely soon include laborista Cindy Chavez. Along with Alvarado, Patricia Martinez-Roach—the Gobstopper of political candidates—has already pulled papers, and Chavez is expected to file any day now. Chavez was in full campaign mode last weekend when she hobnobbed on the front porch at a St. Patrick’s Day party held at Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren‘s home. But a couple lads could throw a wrench in Ladies (Election) Night 2013. Community organizer Omar Torres has started to put together a campaign committee but has yet to file papers and pay the $1,430 fee, while City Hall gadfly David Wall—he of the impeccable starched blue overalls—plunked down the cash to have his name on the ballot. Wall is a Fly favorite, known for taking the San Jose City Council to task and railing against government atrocities large and small. If the comedy gods are good, Wall and Martinez-Roach will make the runoff.

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