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One Nation under Lee: A Singapore story - The despotism of Lee Kuan Yew - Full

Thursday, June 12, 201412:00 AM(View: 6910)

A certified P.O.S. to be sure. False imprisonment by secret police, murder, torture, book banning, choir censorship, etc. For 50 years his crew ran shit and got rich by suing their openents for defamation of character in his own kangaroo courts. The perfect transparent example of good ole fashioned despotism setup and backed by britain.

Sad, as this is what it is like to live in Singapore - legacy of Lee Kwan Yew and his dynasty in reality. 784 viewers and no comments from Singaporeans. A very high price to pay for the citizens. I feel sorry for them. Why are the human-right groups in Europe and America not reacting?


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