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Golden Cross Episode English Subtitles (Ep. 20 final)

Saturday, August 30, 201412:00 AM(View: 5504)


Golden Cross Episodes

Alternative Titles : 골든 크로스 Cast : Kim Kang-Woo, Lee Si-Young, Uhm Ki-Joon , Han Eun-Jung, Jung Bo-Suk
Category: Korean Drama Genres : Romance, Family, Suspense, Crime, Melodrama, Thriller
Type : TV Series Release : 2014

Description : Employee’s net incomes are getting lower and lower but their employer’s salaries increases every year. In the age of rough economy, we are forced to believe prospective economy in the future. Then one day, if someone lures you for dirty money, what would you do? This drama is about a man's revenge after getting involved in a scheme of "Golden Cross" that is responsible for the conspiracy that destroyed his family and ultimately claimed their lives. Golden Cross is a group of top 0.001% that controlled Korea's economy from an unknown place.
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