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Bài Thơ: English Hates Me

Thursday, January 1, 201512:00 AM(View: 1529)

Published on Dec 7, 2014

Hello các bạn! Mình đã viết một bài thơ nhỏ giúp các bạn luyện phát âm và Mình hy vong có thể giúp các bạn luyện nghe. Bài thơ này rất là dể hiểu cấu trúc của nó đơn giản. Những chữ cuối kết thúc ở mỗi cặp câu thơ có vần giống nhau. Đây là những cấu trúc cơ bản của một bài thơ tiêng Anh đơn giản. Please enjoy.

English Hates Me

I like English but English hates me
It makes me mad and it drives me crazy
Pronunciation is what I hate
How many years will it take?
I want to sound like a native speaker
But it's not getting any easier
There are no simple rules to learn
It really makes me concern

Take for example, the "ove"
Words with it confuse me
This is love but this is move
this word is cove and this is prove
And This is stove but this is glove
I'm confused by those words above
They don't always rhyme as you can see
English really hates me

"Oot" is another example
Pronouncing these is a gamble
This is foot but this is boot
This soot but this is root

You can't look at these words and know how they sound
You have to have a dictionary around
"Ea" is a difficult one to predict
Here are a few words I have picked
This is break but this is streak
this word is steak but this is bleak
"Ea" sounds different in the word area
It has an "a" sound like America
Area doesn't rhyme with idea
Idea rhymes with hear near and ear
And what about this word, please
I think English really hates me

And "ost" makes me mad
It's hard to know which sound it has
This is most and this is lost
This is ghost but this is cost
We say post and this is postal
this is host but this is hostel

"Ie" and "ei" .. These two are strange
They often make me go insane
"Ie" and "ei" sometimes sound the same you see
Believe and receive both have long e
But oftentimes they're not easy to read
They really confuse me
This is height but this is weight
This is weird, leizure, foreign and eight
Either or either
Neither or neither whatever

This is die and this movie
This is lie and this is cookie
"Ie" and "ei" are in many words
English pronunciation is really absurd

The strangest sound is ough
They are the words I really hate
This is rough but this is cough
Here is tough and here is trough
Thought though and through
Their pronunciation really confuse you
Brought, bought but bough
Dough, drought and plough

English is killing my brain as you can see
It hates everyone especially me
Where are the rules for all these sounds ?
It's hard for non-native speakers to pronounce
Those are only a few I've given you
There are thousands more. Yes Its true
But don't you worry. It's not that bad
Don't be scared and don't be sad

How to learn them all you might ask
It's not a difficult task
It takes time...you just relax
This handsome guy has got your back

It's best to learn is to learn by heart
That is how native speakers learned from the start
Don't waste time with many rules
Memorize them and everything will be cool

At first your head will be in pain
But you will have more knowledge to gain
The more you learn the easier it gets
Soon more words will get in your head
English hates you but you should not care
Don't be mad and don't despair
If other non-native speakers can speak it well
You can do it ...you will excel

Kenny N. Thầy đẹp trai!

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