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Volkswagen Releases Sequel to Last Year's 'Star Wars' Super Bowl Commercial

Tuesday, January 31, 201212:00 AM(View: 3435)
Featuring an overweight dog that takes it upon itself to exercise (with the help of an instructional workout video), the minute-long spot -- titled "The Dog Strikes Back" -- followed the dog's successful progression, to the point where it caught up to a new, red-colored VW Beetle.


But not so fast, if you thought that was that, the camera pulled back to show creatures in the Star Wars-verse watching the ad on a TV. And when one of the bar guys declared the dog "funnier" than the Darth Vader kid in last year's ad, the Darth Vader kid did what he did best. "Sorry," the guy says apologetically as things went back to normal.

What are your thoughts on the new Super Bowl ad spot?

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